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Bring the power of web, mobile and desktop technologies together to create quality solutions for all your enterprise needs.

Enterprise Software Solutions

We bring innovative custom software to businesses, big and small. From enterprise-level CRM solutions to CMS development, we make it easy for you to achieve your business goals with a customized digital solutions. Let us help you make your business better.

We have the perfect fit for your business

Whether you're a small, local business or a Fortune 500 company with an international presence, we have a customized solution that will turn your vision into reality. In other words — we'll help you make your business better!

We know digitalization is important

Digitalization is constantly changing the way our customers engage with their customers and making it easier than ever before to manage their businesses operations in cloud. We offer cost-effective and convenient CRM solutions that take the guesswork out of managing your customer relationships.

Make all your data visible

Not sure how much inventory or margin on an order? Want to have an easy way to identify who visited your website last week? With our CRM solutions, it's easy to keep track of all of your data in one place — so you can see what's happening at a glance. Want more? Talk to us about adding dashboard features that include analytics.


  • Custom Software Solutions
  • Enterprise Software Solutions
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solutions
  • Systems Integration
  • Digitalization of Legacy Applications
  • Web Application Development
  • Saas (Software-as-a-Service) Application Development
  • Hosting and Managing applications in AWS and Azure
  • Support and Maintenance Services
  • CMS (Content Management System) Development


Enterprise Software Development Process


About Our Work

We have provided customized software solutions including,

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • E-Commerce Solutions

  • Employee Training Solutions
  • Digital Product Catalogs

  • Portfolio Managment and Screening Systems

We have provided our services to client across the globe and across various industries including Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Marketing, Financial Services and Training and Development to name a few.

Our functional areas of work range from huge enterprise solutions to simple day to day application.

Our Portfolio: Know More

Transform your business with our services. Talk to us now to get a solution that is tailored for your needs.

Technologies We Work With

Continuous integration using in house automated building and deployment.

Technical Stack Information - Web Portal

Technical Stack Description
WebServer Nginx
Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) Gunicorn
Server Script Python
Front end Script HTML, CSS, JS libriaries
Framework Django, Bootstrap, React JS
IDE PyCharm Community Edition
UnitTest Django Test Class
DataBase PostgreSQL
DataBase Administrator Tool pgAdmin
OS platform Linux/Ubuntu
Web Browser Firefox, Chorme, Safari, IE Edge
AWS Cloud (s3 storage) Boto

Technical Stack Information - Android

Technical Stack Description
Android OS Versions From Android Nougat
Integrated development environment (IDE ) Android Studio
Programming Language Kotlin

Technical Stack Information - iOS

Technical Stack Description
iOS Versions From iOS 11
Integrated development environment (IDE ) Xcode
Programming Language Swift

About Our Team

Our young and energetic team have diversified profiles which help us to work in any area of business. Their thoughtfulness and attitude is a great asset to the company. Their enthusiasm to keep themselves in par with the latest upcoming technologies is an important factor which helps us, as a company to handle all types of projects.

We understand that every company is unique and their requirements are unique. Let us understand your requirements and provide a solution that is tailored for your needs.