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Manufacturing Execution System

This project involved a custom MES system for a client. The client had a tough time in maintaining all their data primarily because they were relying on paper work only, so they switched over to an application to reduce the paper work in their factory which failed to cover their major areas like pre-production, production and shipping areas. Hence, the client approached us to redesign the entire project and involve all their factory processes with an intuitive UI and include many additional functionalities enabling them to have an organized work process.

The main area of work here comprised of plating of tubes. There were several other areas that needed to be covered in this project. Various processes that are involved here are as follows:

- Customer Order
- Receiving Tubes
- Initial-Inspection
- Batching
- Scheduling
- Pre-Treatment
- Production
- Final-Inspection
- Rejects and reworks
- Final Coating / Finishing
- Packing
- Shipping

Approach and Execution

This project was planned to be executed in three phases.


In the first phase, we developed a web app accomplishing all their processes. The operators were able to pursue the basic work flow in their factory, maintain the inward and outward transactions of tubes, chemicals and other Inventory items, monitor their daily production, track their entire process using our system and maintain their data in our system more easily.


In the second phase, we developed various new customized screens, customized UI for data entry using tablets for their production area, unit level conversions for the inventory items, additional functionalities.


Reporting and some UI enhancements were achieved in the third phase of the project.

UI resembling their actual factory production

The User-Interface is the significance of this project rendering a huge support to the client which had the same resemblance to their actual production area. The UI offered them a great support by resembling their factory operation and so the operators were quite comfortable in recording their data. It also follows the actual production process with various other functionalities, making the work a lot easier.

Mobile UI

A separate UI for mobile is also done for few screens for comfortable usage for the operators.

Live inventory updates and stock maintenance

All the inward, outward transactions and the consumption of various inventory items had live updates and are maintained in our system. Based on this, stock taking and stock adjustments were also made feasible.

Integration for temperature measurement

The temperature of the tanks in their production area changes due to various parameters and hence they are measured at various intervals and are stored in a separate database. Our system is integrated to fetch those temperatures and provide them to the operators.

Notifications on important events

On certain exception cases and emergency events, an automatic notification is sent for taking necessary actions.

Business Intelligence

The app also features business intelligence in the form of reporting and forecasting.

Project Scope

This project aims to have an exact resemblance of their factory work flow in the form of intuitive UI designs, handle inventory transactions and manage their stocks and provide extensive data management for years to come with exceedingly high performances.

- UI resembling their actual factory production
- Real-time data entry using tablets
- Mobile UI
- Live Inventory updates and stock maintenance
- Integration for Temperature measurement
- Notifications on important events
- Business Intelligence


Accurate, reliable and high performance reports with customized UI are the remarkable features of our app.

Production forecast

The app also has a separate UI which gives a forecast about the achievable production target.

Benefits of the customer

- Real-time data recording
- Eliminates paper work
- Reduced errors
- Real-time Business Intelligence
- Capture costs more precisely


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